"I'm planning for my future......"

"I'm planning for my future......"

Starting Out
I’m planning for my future.

When you’re just starting out, life is full of possibilities. You’re establishing a career, earning your own income, and have a list a mile long of all the amazing things you want for your life. Or maybe you’re still living at home, and just about to take your first exciting steps towards independence.

Either way, now is the perfect time to take control of your finances and set yourself on the best possible path for your future.

So how can you give yourself the life you want, on your terms?

Whether you want to manage your cash flow, travel overseas, take your first step on the property ladder, or start a family of your own, one of our Financial Coaches, here at the TIME group, can help you build your own Financial Road Map that suits your lifestyle, circumstances, and personal and financial goals.

We will help you to:
  • Set realistic short, medium and long term financial goals
  • Spend and save more efficiently
  • Create a solid investment plan that is regularly reviewed and adjusted
  • Get your super settings right for maximum benefit
  • Reviewing and updating your insurance arrangements so you are not under or over insured
  • Advising whether you need to talk to a solicitor to create a comprehensive will or to update your current will

I’m looking to build my own financial road map…


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