"I'm taking more control of my future..."

"I'm taking more control of my future..."

SMSF Solutions
I’m taking more control of my future.

So you want to have more control of your retirement savings and be one of the many Australians who self-manage their super?

Generally as an Australian resident, you can choose to direct your super gurantee payments and your personal super contributions to an independently managed super fund or choose to self-manage your super.

Self-managing your super can be achieved by establishing and running a Self-Managed Superannaution Fund – SMSF for short – and can provide you a number of benefits as follows:

  1. Control over your super – you make the key decisions and decide where to invest your money.
  2. Flexibility and choice of how you invest your super – you construct your fund’s investment strtaegy and enjoy more investment options.
  3. potential tax advantages –  tax savings depending on your personal cirumstances and investment strategy
  4. Cost efficiencies – you can pool your super with family or other fund members to create costs savings.

You will have a number of questions that you wish to have answered when considering to self-manage your super including:

Do you have enough Super to make it worthwhile to self-manage?

Is an SMSF right for you?

Do you have enough time to manage an SMSF?

How much will an SMSF cost you?

Do you understand the responsibilities that come with being a trustee of an SMSF?

Our Specialist Advisory team here at the TIME Group are well placed to take time to address these questions and more so you have complete certainty that an SMSF is the right solution for you. 

We can help you self-manage your super:

  • Specialist Advice – we have over 12 years of SMSF technical expertise with Specialist Advisors independenty endorsed by the Self-Managed Super Fund Association
  • We assist in the setting up of your SMSF, ensuring you understand your duties, responsibilities and obligations of being a Trustee.
  • We will ensure that you understand both Superannuation and your own Super Fund rules
  • We will assist you in managing accepting contributions and rollovers and paying benefits to members
  • We will ensure your Fund’s investments are managed appropriatley and that an Investment Strategy is developed.
  • Where you wish to invest your super benefits into Direct property we can assist you with how this can be achieved and in the right circumstances provide guidance and advice on Limited Recourse Borrowing arrangements (LRBA)
  • We will provide administration and reporting services so that your fund’s compliance obligations are met in a timley manner and in accordance with Superannuation legislation and ATO requirements
  • We will assist you in developing a suitable estate planning arrangement that addresses what happens to your super benefits on death or disability and links with your non-super estate planning wishes.

I’m looking to take more control over my future…


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