"I'm confident I have secured my financial freedom..."

"I'm confident I have secured my financial freedom..."

Retirement Planning
I’m confident I have secured my financial freedom.

Well done. You’ve worked hard, achieved a lot, and now you’re ready to start planning for the life you want to live when you retire.

Many Australians spend more than a quarter of their life in retirement. So, one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make is knowing how you’ll need to finance your lifestyle when you retire.

By this stage of your life, you’ve probably ticked a lot of boxes. You may have made significant inroads with your mortgage. Your children may be independent or about to start out on their own, or you’re enjoying the rewards of a long and successful career. And you’re beginning to think, ‘what next?’

We at the TIME Group will provide the right financial advice to guide good decisions, setting you on the path towards a secure retirement — one that gives you the lifestyle you want and matches your life and financial goals.

Enjoying Freedom

You’ve done the hard work and left the daily grind behind you. Now, as a retiree, it’s time to make the most of your future, and your financial freedom.

Without the pressures of raising your family and managing work and career, this is your time — when you can reap the reward of happy, stress-free Hobart (or abroad) living, with plenty of time and space to do the things in Tasmania and across the world you love.

The very last thing you need now is to worry about whether your investments are safe, or if you have enough to live the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you receive sound financial planning and advice to make sure your retirement lifestyle is one that you will enjoy.

An Adviser from the TIME Group can create a tailored financial road map/plan for your specific circumstances, whether you’re a self-funded retiree or receiving the age pension. We use effective and relevant solutions to help you secure a comfortable lifestyle and prepare for any unexpected challenges, giving you the confidence that you will be financial secure and have the freedom to enjoy the retirement you deserve.

We can help you to create and maintain the retirement lifestyle you want by:
  • Providing technical advice around tax and structuring assets
  • Developing a plan to accumulate enough retirement savings within your timeframe
  • Reviewing and recommending the best retirement income products to maximise any entitlements to social security benefits
  • Determining the best time for you to retire based on your financial situation and lifestyle plans
  • Reviewing and updating your insurance arrangements so you are not under or over insured
  • Advising whether you need to talk to a solicitor to create a comprehensive will or to update your current will
  • Giving you information that is directly relevant to your circumstances and life stage
  • Provide you with strategic financial advice that generates a secure income in retirement
  • Help balance your own needs with any desire to leave a legacy for your family
  • Monitor your investments and retirement income
  • Discuss strategies to protect you against market downturns
  • Provide regular updates about social security and legislative changes that might affect you

I’m looking to start enjoying my freedom…


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